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Tasty Tarts & Pies Cookbook 124 pages of easy to follow pastry recipes. Recipes for tarts, pies, meat pies & fruit pies. Special Offer:  $7.50 with any purchase. Click Here!


$12.95 cookbook


How-To-Business: Book showing you what you need to start your own small food (Designer Pies) business with just two people and modest financial resources. The recipes alone are worth more than the price of the book.

This book is available from a business associate of mine.  Please follow the blue link to the right.  Keep in mind it will take you to a different web site.

  Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.
Mini Tart Press- this solid wood tart shell press forms your pastry directly into the Wilton Bakers Choice mini muffin pan - $11.50  If you have a different mini muffin pan you wish to use we will custom made a tart press for you for $68.99.  Also, if you wish to make tarts in the regular size 3" muffin pans we can custom make a Small Pie Press for you for $169.99.  Call to place this type of order.


$58.99 Mini Press
Tartlet Press - this press forms the pastry into foil tartlet tins 2 3/8" across the top. Makes attractive tarts ! $58.99 Tartlet Press
Tartlet Foil Tins - measure 2 3/8" from top outside edge to outside edge. Tartlet tins have a 1/4" rim., depth 3/4", bottom 1  3/8". $1.50/2doz.tins
Tart Press 3"medium.  - T203 20 K this press forms the dough into the standard Alcan T203 20 K foil tin. Please check your pans.  This is NOT for the Pactiv 20320 pan which is a 3.5" tart pan. If you need a press for the 3.5" round tart please give us a call or email so we can explain your options. This press is NOT for Kitchen Dance  pan #301 please scroll down to "Tart press for Kitchen Dance 3" Tart pan #301"

*Max. order for flat rate shipping = 1 pkg. up to 20pkg.

$58.99 Tart Press
3" Foil Tins medium. T203 20K - measure 3" across the top from outside edge to outside edge. They have a 1 1/2" bottom and are 3/4" high.  Please do not confuse this with Pactiv 20320 pan which is a 3.5" diameter.  For the 3.5" pan click here

*Max. order for flat rate shipping = 1 pkg. up to 20pkg.

$1.75/2doz. tins
Tart Press for Kitchen Dance 3" foil pan #301, (follow this link to order pans from Kitchen Dance.)   For business use we highly recommend ordering the Small Pie Press shown below this one.  It will be much easier to form the dough with the larger press.                                                      Custom Tart press $78.99Click to enlarge

Top outside diameter (rim to rim): 3-1/2"
Top inside diameter: 3"
Bottom diameter: 2"
Depth: 7/8"
20 gauge aluminum foil
Capacity: 2-1/2 fluid oz

This press will also work with pans: Wilkinson A95 and Pactiv #20320.  We do not sell these pans (301, A95, 20320) but they are readily available in the USA.  This is the only press on our site that will work with the pans listed here.


If you are a business making lots of 3 " tarts (3.5") using the Kitchen Dance #301, Wilkinson A95 or the Pactiv 20320 we would recommend you order the larger press to form the crusts as it will take a lot less force to form the dough into the pans and will be quicker as a result. Most USA tart pans are called 3" but have an outside top  measurement of 3 3/8" or 3.5".  Please check your pans carefully or call us for help before ordering.

Small Pie Press Custom Made for 3.5" round tart pans  $189.99

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