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Current lead times for Tart Presses, Small Pie Presses approx. 3-6 weeks; Pie Machines approx. 3-4 weeks



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Pie Crimper/Sealer  $85.00-$125.00

Crimper Designs click Here

Use the Pie Machine to form Fried Pies or Tortillas!
















Click Here for Commercial Foil Tin Supplies.  Scroll down for Pie Crimpers
 We will customize our Pie Machine dies for your own foil or metal pie pans.
USA Customers:  please read shipping details for information on importing into the USA. 

THE BIRDS HILL PIE MACHINE Information Page.- No more rolling out of dough!   For Fried Pie Machine/Empanada Machine click here
The Birds Hill Pie Machines comes with two sets of wooden dies.  One set
to press/form your bottom pie crust and one set to press/form the top crust. Additional dies for different sized pans can be ordered at any time. You will need to indicate the size of pan, manufacturer and pan number when ordering.
additional dies $95.00 each.    
Pie Machine-Standard is is similar to the professional in looks but does not have the extra features mentioned below.  It is intended for lighter use. Dies are made to your bakery's pie pans from 5" up to 10" in diameter and 1 1/4" vert. height Pie Machine - Standard $895.00 USA *see note in red below.
Professional Pie Machine.  Professional $1195.00
For heavy, regular use order The Professional Pie Machine.  At this time it comes in standard size.  This machine is for pies up to 10" in diameter and 1 1/4" in height. Extras on this machine are:
  • non-skid feet
  • extra reinforcing both in machine top and bottom to give it more rigidity
  • extra bearings-smoother operation, more durable
  • top rod is fully encased
  • all metal is stainless steel (except for bearings)
  • Finish is of higher quality lacquer, extra coat of lacquer - makes a more durable finish.
For pans deeper than 1 1/4". Deep Dish Pie Machine Standard $995.00

professional model $1295.00

For pans wider than 10" up to 12 1/2" inches, up to 1 1/4" in height order the Oversized Pie Machine Oversized Professional Pie Machine $1,395.00
Orders outside of Canada: 

USA Customers:  please note: USA Customs may charge a brokerage fee of approx. $24.on purchases totaling over $200. In some States the sales tax will also be collected by UPS.  Please know your country's importing rules.  If you have a Tax I.D. number please give it at time of ordering.

Your credit card statement may show a slightly higher or lower price depending on the exchange rate the day your card is processed. This only affects orders done by telephone.

Extra dies are $85.00 per set

Current Lead Time 3-4 weeks.  Please check "contact us" for dates we are closed. 











 $95.00 for the Standard Pie  Machine and $125.00 for the Professional models. Shipping fee does NOT include broker and duty fees that may apply.   (Shipping fee quoted is for 1 machine USA and Canada shipping - this is an approximate fee) could be more depending on number of accessories iordered. 


Your credit card is charged upon receipt of order unless other arrangements have been made.  A minimum $500.00 deposit must be made before the order can begin.




USA Customers:  please note USA Customs may charge a brokerage fee of approx. $24.on purchases totaling over $200. What size of pie pans does this machine use?
The Pie Machine works well on pie crust 5" in diameter up to 10" in diameter.
Does it take a lot of force to shape the pie crust?
Pie crusts from 5" up to 9" take very little force.  The 10" pie crust takes slightly more 

Pie Crimper -$85.-$125.

To Order Call: (204)-669-4320

effort. The average person will have no trouble at all in pressing down on the lever.
How do you make the pie crust top?
The pie machine has two flat dies that come together to press out an approx. 1/8" thick circle of dough.
To make a 9" pie crust you would line the bottom of the wooden die with plastic wrap.
Place a slightly flattened disc of pie dough in the middle, cover with another piece of plastic wrap and pull the lever down.
  Open the press, peel off the plastic and you have your top crust!
Why do you use plastic wrap?
We have found that plastic wrap is a quick and easy way to prevent the pie dough from
sticking to the wooden dies.  Dusting with flour is messy - plastic wrap is easy to use and can be reused many times.


How does the machine form the bottom crust?  (view video clip)
To make your pie crust bottom, just place your slightly flattened disc of  dough into
your pie pan.  Insert into press, cover with your plastic wrap and press down.
Open the press, remove your pan and peel off the plastic.   Your pie dough
is formed neatly and easily into your chosen pie pan.




Does The Pie Machine crimp my single crust pies and crimp/seal my double crust pies?                        

We have designed a simple tool that will crimp and seal your pies.  This crimper is custom made to your pie pan.  Watch the video clip for more details.
                                                                             Crimper $85.00 - $125.00

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