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Fried Pie attachment



NEW!  FRIED PIE/ TURNOVER, EMPANADAS STANDARD MACHINE - $895.00  Standard - $1195.00 Professional
The machine many of you have been requesting and waiting for!  If you make filled dough or pastry products this may just be just the machine for you!
No rolling or sheeting of dough required!  Our Turnover Machine will flatten, fold and crimp your pastry.  Maximum diameter of flattened dough is 7".  When ordering let us know what size you wish example: 5", 6", 7".
The pictures shown on the left show our Fried Pie attachment.  This die will form a 7" circle fold and crimp the edge.  It's easy and fun to use!
To Order Call:    (204)-669-4320
Our affordable prices are:
Pie Machine with Fried Pie attachment die $995.00 USD Introductory price
Additional fried pie dies $130.00 USD  
Shipping to most provinces and states $95.00USD includes insurance. does not include broker and duty/taxes that may apply.

USA Customers and International Customers

Flattens, Folds. Crimps, Seals & Trims your Fried Pies, Empanadas, Calzones, Meat
You will be importing this machine from Canada and USA Customs (or  your country's Customs) will assign a broker for you .  The broker will put the machine through customs and bill you your State's sales tax as well as a broker free of approximately $24.00.  If you have a tax i.d. number please email it to us.
Pies, Somosas, Turnovers, Pastries, Caribbean Patties, Cornish Pasties. 
  • Our machine has a sleek compact, high gloss finish






  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
If you already own one of our Pie Machines you may order the Fried Pie attachment
die separately for $130.00 plus $35.00 shipping.  Contact Us to let us know if you have
our Standard Pie Machine or the Deep Dish Pie Machine.